Croatian players' kids delight World Cup fans with post-win scratch match

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To lose the way they did was what makes it maddening and sad.

"The only wish I have is to lift the cup for Croatia". To be honest, it might even have been the best in my lifetime.

"Hopefully I will get the nod against Belgium", said the 24-year-old. But it is a massive difference to being a good understander of the game and being a good tactician.

Loud cheers rang out after each goal, fans waved the red and white national flag, and after the final whistle Croatian TV showed wild celebrations breaking out in towns and cities. When it happens you can do one of two things, succumb, unthinkable for us, or pick up the ball and go for it.

There has been no crowd trouble involving our supporters, and I have seen no idiots in Moscow.

"But we are still going to be hurting because the game is only a couple of days away and we will still be thinking of the semi-final defeat and what could have been".

"We were screaming at the telly that he had to change the system".

Laura Grimes, of Cambridge University Press, said: "The huge amount of language data we've collected and analysed gives us fascinating insight into the mood surrounding the World Cup".

"This was our problem for 10 years, we had great individuals but no unity and that's why I had to build that unity of objective in the team".

England remain in the tournament and still have to play the third place play-off - dubbed "the game no-one wants to play" against Belgium at 3pm on Saturday, July 14.

"My most abiding memory has got to be the penalty save against Colombia", he said of his spectacular shootout stop from Carlos Bacca in the last-16.

But despite the heartbreak, they and manager Gareth Southgate have reconnected many people with the national team.

That is exactly what has happened.

Matt Reece, 25, who works in marketing, said England had far outperformed the low expectations of them when the tournament began. They have given us so much to shout about.

"The other one is that I know I have played well in the tournament". Panama didn't come close to winning a match at this year's tournament, but fans celebrated like they were lifting the trophy after scoring the first World Cup goal in the country's history.