Chiefs don't select anyone in the 2018 National Football League supplemental draft

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There is, however, one player pool into which the Buccaneers have not dipped in a very long time.

If a team bids a first round pick and they are awarded the player, they will lose the corresponding selection in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Giants will give up their 2019 third-round pick and the Redskins will give up their sixth-round pick in the same draft. Of those 45 players, eight have gone on to make the Pro Bowl during their National Football League careers. Each group has its own lottery drawing to determine the order, which is decided shortly before the supplemental draft starts. With the little I have seen of him, personally, I think it's most likely that he goes undrafted. In his sophomore campaign, Beal had a good market share in that area.

I have not studied Carter as of this point, but he is a two-year starter who made the most of his limited reps, earning first-team All-GLIAC honors in both years. At least one team reportedly had a second-round grade on Beal. Although he tallied five career interceptions as a Bulldog, he snagged three of those picks in 2015 and didn't make much of an impact after his initial success.

The Colts have never claimed a player in the supplemental draft, but with an aggressive general manager in Chris Ballard and some needs in the defensive secondary that could change Wednesday.

On the eve of the draft, Alexander sent teams a clean drug test from this week, according to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, who added that Alexander had a marijuana-related arrest in 2016. If they were looking to take a developmental player, losing a third-round selection would make sense.

So the question now becomes whether the Rams should submit a bid on any of the three players. Per multiple reports, the Raiders have the first pick in each round should they choose to exercise it.

If another team that wasn't in the playoffs last season put in a third-round bid for Beal, along with the Chiefs, he would go that other team. Selecting players in the supplemental draft is always risky.

Beal (6-1, 196) was ruled academically ineligible for 2018, but Western Michigan coaches and school officials loved him, sources told It's a risk to spend a second-round pick in the supplemental draft.

The NFL's annual supplemental draft is set to take place on Wednesday afternoon, offering college stars who failed to qualify for the traditional draft a chance to earn a rookie contract. That list started with Wilson to New Orleans, as noted above, and then continued with Kosar in 1985.

Kosar, Humphrey and Moore are among the supplemental picks that worked out well for their teams, as was Navy offensive lineman Mike Wahle to Green Bay in 1998. He could end up playing safety at the next level if his athleticism proves to be an issue. Players in this position will sometimes choose to accelerate their path to the pros, rather than waiting a whole extra year to enter the regular draft. In fact, there could be as three players selected this season.