Animal charity receives dozens of calls about 'drunk' seagulls

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So-called "drunk" seagulls who spell of alcohol and throw up in the street are causing problems and confusion with animal welfare staff. "At first, the birds look like they have botulism but then, after vomiting, most seem to recover".

However, a representative from the RSCPA centre in West Hatch in Taunton, Somerset doesn't believe this is how they're getting so drunk.

Rescue of seagulls began in mid-June and all birds have been showing the same symptoms.

The birds had to be treated at local RSPCA centres after appearing to binge on waste products which contained alcohol.

He said the birds had been brought in in recent weeks after being found on beaches across Devon, and a few from Bridport and Lyme Regis in Dorset.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said this week they've received more than a dozen reports of seagulls staggering, disoriented and confused, according to the Somerset County Gazette. The RSPCA is now contacting the local distilleries, breweries and other alcohol producers to ask them to ensure their alcohol-laced waste is placed in a secure place, out of reach of birds or wildlife.

He said: "Sadly, a few of the birds have died but a lot of them have made good recoveries and have been released after a few days in our care". Can be greedy gulls feeding on waste grain from the brewery in this district.

RSPCA Inspector Jo Daniel, who has been rescuing the birds with colleagues Clara Scully and Paul Adams along a stretch of coast from Dorset to Devon, said: "The birds absolutely stink of alcohol when we collect them so now our vans smell like pubs".