VW's electric supercar beats Pikes Peak record

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While only the lucky few can get themselves inside the I.D.

The time not only breaks the record for the fastest electric vehicle, but eclipses the all-time record set in 2013 by Sebastian Loeb's modified Peugeot 208 (which uses a conventional V6 engine) by 16 seconds.

The prototype, helmed by French racing driver Romain Dumas, broke records on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, clocking a time of 7:57 on the 12.42 mile (19.99 kilometre) track.

As expected, Volkswagen obliterated the Pikes Peak record earlier today with a staggering sub-8 minute time.

For Dumas, it was a fourth Pikes Peak victory, to go with his pair of overall victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

"Every Volkswagen employee can be extremely proud of today's result".

Describing the drive, Dumas said: "The first sector was very good". R Pikes Peak tackled with a total system output of 680 PS and 650 Nm of torque. When evaluating performance, Volkswagen employed simulation software to calculate exactly how to achieve the optimum in energy demand and performance for the record attempt on Pikes Peak. The summit of Pikes Peak is 4302m above sea level, where the thin air puts combustion-powered cars at a serious disadvantage. Since this week's tests, we have known that it was possible to break the all-time record. Pikes Peak rules say that if your run (and you only get one run) is interrupted by problems on the course, such as a crashed auto ahead of you, or mist closing in, you have to be refuelled and ready to go again in 20 minutes, or forfeit your run. For it to come off, everything had to come together perfectly - from the technology to the driver.

Volkswagen developed and built the I.D. Dumas now tops the list of Pikes Peak champions, which includes legendary names such as Loeb, Walter Röhrl, Michèle Mouton, Stig Blomqvist, Nobuhiro Tajima, and Rod Millen and his son Rhys. A by-product of the manufacture of biodiesel, for example, Glycerol combusts with virtually no harmful exhaust fumes or residues.