Trump tells Jimmy Fallon to 'be a man' over hair-mussing

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During his Sunday Twitter storm, President Donald Trump evidently learned that Jimmy Fallon regretted his fluffy and meaningless interview with the then-candidate in 2016.

Fallon's famous hair-tussle, turning Trump into a disheveled-looking bedhead, and the rest of his lighthearted September 15, 2016 episode resulted in accusations from Trump critics that Fallon was trying to "normalize" or "humanize" Trump amid his heated rhetoric assailing Muslims and Mexicans.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon has pledged to give money to RAICES in honor of President Donald Trump's tweet kvetching about his "whimpering".

This morning, Trump replied to Fallon's interview via his Twitter claiming the host had called him after the interview and said "monster ratings".

He said of his critics: "Do you want to push me more?". What do you want me to do? "'You don't even know what you're talking about if you say that I'm evil or whatever.' But people just jump on the train, and some people don't even want to hear anything else". Get over it.'" Fallon adds, "I'm sorry. You want me to kill myself? "I get in at 10 in the morning, I work 'til seven at night and I'm just trying to make a amusing show".

The president had not responded to Fallon as of Sunday evening.

"In honor of the President's tweet I'll be making a donation to RAICES in his name", Fallon said, referring to a nonprofit organization that provides free and low-priced legal services to immigrant children, families and refugees in Texas.

While Fallon might not care about the ratings, it seems that at least one person does: the president.

Since then, Fougere said he's had his office reach out to Fallon's people to see if together they can set something up. He also admitted that he made a mistake and said, "looking back, I would do it differently".