Get your hot dog water, only $40 in Vancouver

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The tent selling unfiltered "Hot Dog Water" - literally a bottle of water with a wiener floating inside - for $37.99 a pop included some promising, if not dubious, claims.

The "hot dog water" was sold at a stall at a Car-Free Day festival in Vancouver, British Columbia, over the weekend - and some people did indeed drink it, according to Yahoo.

Hot Dog water is real in that it's actually water with an organic hot dog in it, but Bevans is a performance artist and his product is commentary on what we're willing to buy in the name of health and wellness.

The booth also sold lip balm, breath spray, and fragrances, which along with the hot dog water claimed to be gluten-free and Keto diet-compatible/ The ware boasted benefits such as weight loss, increased brain functionality, anti-aging, and increased vitality.

Bevans said that even though more people than he expected purchased bottles, he still didn't make a profit after spending roughly $1,200 on bottles, labeling and branding.

"We noticed that some people were rubbing lip balm on their crow's feet and they were swearing their crow's feet were disappearing before their eyes", he told CTV. You see, hot dog water resembles perspiration, so it "bypasses the lymphatic system, whereas other waters have to go through your filtering system", he explained. The creator revealed that he wanted to get consumers to stop and think about whether or not the healthy and often expensive products they buy have any health benefits at all.

One man who rubbed the lip balm on his "dome" sent him photos suggesting it promoted hair growth, Bevans said. "That is the message behind this".

Bevans said he thought of his project as an art performance to create awareness about critical thinking. "There's an image attached to it, that it's ridiculous".