Chrome on Android will automatically download articles to read offline

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In several respects, saturation has mostly been reached in Western markets, but the majority of the world still isn't online. The feature is introduced for India as well as some other countries.

However, connectivity still remains an issue in many areas. This is part of Google's Next Billion Users (NBU) initiative and the new Chrome browser update has been made available to over 100 countries, including India, Brazil, Indonesia and more. The downloaded articles will be saved to a "popular pages from Chrome" folder in the browser's download page, from where they can be accessed without an internet connection.

Google has not detailed what kind of relevant articles will be downloaded automatically on the basis of the content that is popular in your location.

The post doesn't state exactly what sort of "relevant articles" will be automatically downloaded. And if you're signed into your Google account in Chrome, then articles that get downloaded in the background will be geared towards your personal interests, based on your browsing history. Amanda Boss, Product Manager, Offline Chrome for Android, announced Chrome's new ability to allow users to surf the web even without a constant internet connection. It'll be some time before the program is successful, as it is likely to download content that the user doesn't desire. Nonetheless, the initiative is a step in the right direction to make content available to more users across the globe and we hope that Google has similar ideas in the pipeline. This feature is present in the latest version of Google Chrome for Android that's now available for download from the Google Play Store.