A white cop was sacked for illegally detaining his daughter's black boyfriend

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An Ohio police officer was sacked after an internal investigation discovered he had abused his power after pulling over and detaining his daughter and her boyfriend without cause. The incident took place April 16, when officer pulled over a auto driven by 18-year-old Makai Coleman.

The Lorian Police Department handed officer John Kovach, Jr. his walking papers in May after they said he pulled over his daughter's boyfriend and detained him without cause before detaining his own daughter in the back of his squad vehicle, The Chronicle-Telegram reported. And when he threatened to give a friend who was a passenger in the vehicle a ticket for not wearing her seat belt, the girl's mother confronts Kovach and said she is going to call 911. Have a seat in my auto. For what? Have a seat in my vehicle.

Kovach asks the mother whether his daughter is in their house.

Afterwards he spoke with his daughter on the phone and she told her father "If I can't be with him, I don't want to be here anymore", which he took to be a suicidal threat. His daughter vehemently denies it from the backseat, "No I didn't!"

WJW reports dispatchers were attempting to send the officer to a road rage incident while he had the boyfriend pulled over. A crying Katlyn protests, stating she can't be arrested without a reason. The driver Kovach had pulled over was his daughter's boyfriend - and Kovach later told investigators he didn't approve of the relationship.

After the incident, the Lorain Police Department launched an internal investigation.

Kovach, who served on the force since 1992, was sacked on May 11.

According to police documents relating to the investigation of the incident, Kovach said he was anxious about his daughter being with Coleman, believing he "wasn't a good person" because of his previous arrest for marijuana possession.

It is then that Kovach's daughter confronted him about using his badge and uniform to intimidate her and her boyfriend and to separate them.

Kovach's reported reasoning for the warrants? He then tells her and her two kids, who he eventually released, to go inside the house.

The officer reportedly told his co-workers his ex-wife alerted him to Facebook postings in which Coleman allegedly said he was going to make Katlyn become a prostitute in order to make money.

Kovach was sacked on May 11 after a complaint and investigation. "John Kovach has the right, under union contracts for which he was a dues paying member, to request and file a grievance".

Kovach told investigators he believed his daughter was suicidal, according to the Morning Journal.