Trainers, start trading! Friends and gifts system released for Pokemon Go

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To surpass that, all players have to be at least 30 level in order to access the friend and trading features.

Niantic has begun a gradual rollout of the new features - trading, friends, and gifts - announced earlier this week for Pokemon Go.

The new Pokemon games for Switch will integrate a number of features from the mobile game, including its motion-based capture mechanic, and replacing random encounters with visibly roaming Pokemon.

Screenshots available publicly on Twitter also clarify what trainer codes will look like, which are needed to add friends.

Friends will also be able to view each other's profiles, and even see the nicknames their friends may have assigned to their Pokemon. Once that player has accepted your request, they will appear on your list and you will get an opportunity to interact with them accordingly.

And, for the first time ever, "trainers who are connected as friends in Pokémon Go and within close physical proximity to each other will soon be able to trade Pokémon", according to the press release.

The friends feature should add an extra layer of gameplay to Pokemon GO, and ultimately, it will help players better complete their Pokedex. For right now, we're unsure where what the level range will be; as it changes, we'll update this story.

Said gifts are now raining from PokeStops like candy, and you can send friends one per day to maintain and increase the level of friendship - important as the trading system requires stardust for exchanges, and the higher level friends you are, the less stardust it will take to swap critters.

Given that, there are stardust costs and limitations to the trading itself.