Kevin McHale Taking Heat For Reported Visit To Donald Trump Rally

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I went through the speech and picked out the most memorable lines.

Trump is also falsely accusing the media of making a big deal of immigration to distract the public from congressional inquiries into the Justice Department.

Trump is continuing to rail against Democrats, claiming they don't care about the negative effects of illegal immigration.

At least two protesters interrupted a rally held by Donald Trump in Duluth, Minnesota, on Wednesday evening. Beyond his being irascible with those unwilling to kowtow to him, is Trump sending a message about whom he wants this nation to ally with and which nations might be given another chance if they get in line? McHale, if he did attend this rally, would be one of the few prominent figures in the National Basketball Association to support Trump in this public manner.

Trump arrives in Minnesota on the heels of signing an executive order which aims to reunite immigrant children with their families. He made only a brief mention of his decision to sign an executive order after spending days insisting, wrongly, that his administration had no choice but to separate families apprehended at the border because of federal law and a court decision. He narrowly lost Minnesota in 2016. It pits former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Trump critic running for his old job, against Jeff Johnson, the state GOP's endorsed candidate who has been stronger in his support of the president.

Trump is promoting his approach to trade as he meets with representatives from the mining industry and local leaders Wednesday at Duluth Cargo Connect. He says he has no doubt he'll win in 2020.