E3 2018: Trials Rising Crashes onto PS4 Next Year

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Ubisoft has announced a new Trials game called Trials Rising which will be out next February for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The opening trailer showed off a lot of the insane antics that fans have come to know from the series, with the authentic Trials charm present throughout. We see some poor sod smacking into a bell, falling off the edge of a cliff into a pool of lava, and getting blown up by explosive barrels.

Trials, the hard-as-nails side-scrolling motorbike series, has a new sequel on the way, entitled Trials Rising.

Check out the debut trailer below. So players can be sure that it will certainly be very much challenging.

"Whether it's finding the ideal line in a smoldering caldera in the wilds of Yellowstone Park, doing triple backflips off the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or navigating massive drops on Mount Everest with snow storms looming, the thrills are endless".

For all its silliness, Rising still looks to offer a challenge, as it appears that having extreme mastery over the game's controls will be necessary as you balance on precariously small platforms. The game will feature local and online multiplayer, as well as the ability to compete against the ghosts of other players' best times in single player.

"Starting from humble beginnings, you'll improve your skills, grow your fame and rise in the ranks as you beat the competition". The theme of Trials Rising is a tour around the world. Like previously, players can customise the appearance of their riders and bikes, and creations can be shared with the Trials community. You'll also have the the freedom to customise and share any outfit or bike skin they want.

"Trials is back and bigger than ever". Sign-ups for the closed beta are available now, so players can register in order to play the game first and test it out ahead of its full launch next year. "Get ready for the unexpected and for hilarity to ensue!"