Don’t Be Afraid to Talk With Someone

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But according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week, suicide rates nationwide have been steadily increasing - by more than 25-percent since 1999. Connected to factors like substance use, joblessness and loneliness but harder to grasp than the lack of adequate health care, the loss of the middle class, and regional pockets of grim economic hardship, despair is hardly tangible.

"The deaths of two high-profile people by suicide this week has much more of an impact than less well-known individuals", Gould said.

In a Huffington Post article titled "My Suicide Week: Reliving Hell in the 24-hour News Cycle", reporter Ashley Feinberg wrote about how the coverage affected her.

Jane Pearson, chair of the Suicide Research Consortium at the National Institute on Mental Health, said that worry amongst people studying the phenomenon is growing.

Draper said the reason for the uptick is two-fold: a celebrity suicide can trigger suicidal thoughts in people who might already vulnerable to them, and publicizing the phone number to call for support increases odds that people will call. This week the authorities of US health care told that there had been an intense rise in suicide rates all over the country, since the starting of the century and had called for a detailed approach to address against depression.

Natrona County Suicide Task Force's Felicia Cummings added to the conversation, "we offer suicide prevention awareness trainings so that anybody in the community, all the way up to professionals and clinical, know how to handle suicides". During Governor Bill Haslam's administration, he and his team dedicated funding to the Office of the Deputy Medical Examiner to enable Medical Examiners in Tennessee to utilize updated reporting technologies as well as receive more information of suicide and training, leading to better reporting. The male suicide rate, meantime, rose 21 percent.

N.H. seeks solutions for rising suicide rate.

"We often can be concerned about doing more damage by asking questions, but it is likely that you cannot do more damage", Grier said. As part of the discussion, some experts have called for a more medicalized approach toward treating anxiety and depression to help increase the chances of identifying a problem earlier before it becomes severe.

The CDC report comes at a time of heightened attention to the issue with the suicide this week of designer Kate Spade. "People are going to get help", Reidenberg said. Mental health or substance use problems are nearly always present.

Tell the person that you care, and let them do most of the talking about how they're feeling.

In most cases, the mistakes made by news organizations were early in the coverage, committed by people inexperienced in such stories, she said.

"Someone will be there to talk to you, there are people at counseling centers all over town that want to help".