Check out ten minutes of Capcom's Resident Evil 2 right here

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As announced by Capcom at E3, the classic 1998 video game Resident Evil 2 will be remade for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There's claret all over the shop, including one sequence where some poor cop gets ripped in half by marauding zombies.

Resident Evil 2 follows rookie police officer Leon Kennedy on his first day on the job in Raccoon City, which unfortunately for him is also the same time that the deadly T-Virus is unleashed on the civilians turning a lot of them into zombies. The game looks fantastic, completely remade with the same engine used with Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Leon and Claire will have their own campaigns, but the A/B scenarios seen in the PlayStation version have been given the boot.

For the uninitiated, players can unlock special game modes called The Fourth Survivor and The Tofu Survivor in the original Resident Evil 2 by completing certain conditions. The title features tense exploration and puzzle-solving gameplay that are staples in the series even to this day.

Gamespot has uploaded a almost 20-minute, uncut gameplay video for Resident Evil 2 that gives us a much better idea of what kind of gameplay to expect from this remake.

Some may be anxious that the over-the-shoulder camera may make the game feel too different to the original Resident Evil 2, but the trailers indicate that the remake is going to be very faithful to the original. The trailers confirm that both Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are returning as the main playable characters, and they will have to deal with returning monsters like the lickers, Mr. Or which is your favorite Resident Evil game?

Resident Evil 2 Remake is set to launch on January 25, 2019. Just hit the buttons on the top of this page.