Black Manta Revealed in New Aquaman Photo

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Seeking revenge, Aquaman hunted down Black Manta-and accidentally killed his father in retaliation. In the film she plays Queen Atlanna, Curry's mother. These characters are the biggest names in the DC Comics universe.

Jason and Patrick meaning Jason Momoa's Aquaman and Patrick Wilson's King Orm, who is Aquaman's half brother and may or may not have different ideas about what it means to rule Atlantis. However, it's the first look at Black Manta and his helmet that have DC fans talking. Director James Wan has only described him as, "part mercenary but full-time pirate who, in his suit, will look like some insane alien from outer space". Interestingly enough, despite the fact that Black Manta is a huge villain in the Aquaman canon, he won't be the head baddie this time around - he just kind of made his way into the story.

The very first look at Aquaman's arch enemy Black Manta has finally been revealed!

"Black Manta is a really interesting character who is somehow factored into this story but our main story is about Jason and Patrick", Wan said. Also shown off in the new picture is what looks like a power supply for the mask that will enable it to shoot powerful blasts through the eyes.

The images come courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, which features the cast of "Aquaman" on its cover this week.

Aquaman hits theaters in December and will be the only DCEU movie to be released in 2018 and the first since Justice League. Let's just hope that Jason Momoa's version of Arthur Curry will usher in a new era for the Aquaman character.

A ruthless treasure hunter and mercenary, the man known as Black Manta spent his days scavenging the unexplored depths of the ocean, discovering long lost relics and powerful mythical items, all while taking on various jobs to fund his passion.