AP Analysis: Kim Jong Un got lots to brag about from summit

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Not a schedule for a complete inventory of North Korea's nuclear and missile stockpiles.

On Tuesday, when President Donald Trump unveiled his agreement, he excoriated past presidents for failing to make the issue a "priority" and hailed his own document as "very, very comprehensive".

Third, Kim won an unexpected bonus with Trump's commitment to end annual military exercises with South Korea, a unilateral pledge that blindsided South Korea and Japan and that will leave US forces less prepared to deal with a North Korean military that is no less unsafe than it was before the Singapore summit.

Hours after Trump and Kim first met, the two leaders emerged from their talks to sign a joint document.

"Look, he's doing what he's seen done, if you look at it", Trump answered.

"My whole life has been deals".

I showed it to him today, actually, during in meeting, towards the end of the meeting and I think he loved it.

Trump admitted North Korea's rights record is a "rough situation", but then shifted the focus to bringing home the remains of US soldiers from the Korean War.

During Tuesday's summit in Singapore, the two leaders agreed to begin negotiations to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula while Trump offered to halt annual war games with South Korea.

Efforts by previous presidents committed Pyongyang to far more detailed and specific restrictions, though the deals all ultimately failed.

The summit centred on nuclear disarmament and reducing tensions. Then the film progressed from grim black-and-white shots of the United States' 1950s-era war with North Korea into a colourful montage of parades and a golden sunrise.

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The joint statement issued in Singapore was vague. The United States may keep sanctions on for the duration of talks, but China - which accounts for 90 percent of North Korean trade - has already visibly backed off from sanctions pressure on the North. He even adopted North Korea's language for the exercises, calling them "very provocative".

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, an Air Force veteran, balked at the idea of US soldiers leaving the region.

"It's great that we are talking about bringing back the remains of our military from the Korean War, but what about the tens of thousands of people who are imprisoned and suffering in North Korea?".

"Sanctions are a means, not an end", Geng said.

As the screens above Trump emphasised, he certainly had.

Sifton said that remark in particular was appalling.

Critics of the joint statement say the United States walked into a trap that will spell the end of the "maximum pressure" campaign created to isolate and extract concessions from Pyongyang.

The S&P 500 rose 0.2%, spot gold fell by $3, US 10-year bond yields were up 75 basis points, and the USA dollar index remained relatively unchanged.

A spokesman with Moon's office, who asked not to be identified to discuss internal deliberations, said the government was still trying to understand Trump's "exact meaning or intentions" with the military freeze.

On conservative Fox News and among Mr Trump's core supporters, the president was lauded for a historic diplomatic breakthrough.