U.S. woman arrested after children filmed in vehicle in pet kennels

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Leimome Cheeks, 62, was arrested on Sunday after video emerged of her releasing two of her grandkids from dog kennels in the back of her SUV.

"The children were briefly spoken to and they advised there was no room inside the vehicle earlier in the day, and the defendant. told them to get inside the kennel", a police affidavit said.

They said they had charged Cheeks with two counts of Child Endangerment. There was no air conditioning in the back of the auto, while temperatures in the area reached about 95 degrees.

Neighbours told the station that Cheeks had recently purchased two German Shepherd puppies and the kennels were meant for them.

In the video, a child is seen climbing out of the trunk of the vehicle from the kennel. She's such a nice lady.

Cheeks admitted to traveling with the kids from Whitehaven to Collierville, which is a 35-minute drive. "If she did that, then that's out of character for her", Eugene Richmond said.

"I really can't see her doing that", she added.

"I mean it could be an honest mistake".

The children had also complained about the heat whilst they were kept in the confined space of the auto trunk, according to WREG. Cheeks is scheduled to appear in court today. Officers saw that the children were no longer inside the kennels but were seated in the back seat, the affidavit said.

People convicted of child endangerment charges are typically sentenced to between one and 10 years in jail, depending on the seriousness of the case.