The Elder Scrolls VI "in Pre-Production", Starfield "Playable" Says Todd Howard

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If you missed the event, you can watch the preview, in full, below.

A sequel to 2016's excellent DOOM was announced, called DOOM Eternal. "It's a game we've been making for a while", Howard told Geoff Keighley in an interview.

More importantly, Bethesda's creative director Todd Howard explained during the reveal that Bethesda has continued to explore unique experiences that aren't available on mobile. Since it's a next-gen game it should arrive on Sony's new PlayStation 5 or Microsoft's upcoming Xbox hardware and may even push both to their limits.

Does this mean - Starfield will release before Elder Scrolls VI?

Howard said Bethesda is gonna bring the game to as many platforms as possible, from mobile to console to PC to VR.

While it is frustrating that it may still be several years before we see the next Elder Scrolls game, at least we know it's in the works.

While the announcement we got was very brief in the form of a short teaser video and details about the project in general are scarce, we can gleam a few bits of information. No setting was specified, but I'm sure long time fans will uncover all kinds of details to narrow down the possibilities. Where will we be going?

Continue below for a little bit more info on the game and to check out the E3 teaser trailer that announced the game.

Fallout 76 is a shared world survival game that takes place entirely online.

Fallout 76 will now allow players to build settlements and interact with other players in an always online platform. The game will be four times the size of Fallout 4 and feature "all-new graphics, lighting and landscape technology". The aim was to answer all the doubts of the Fallout Community, but Todd didn't receive a 100% success rate, and so he chose to do a live Q&A about Fallout 76, at The Coliseum.