Snapchat now lets you clear chats to save face

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Snapchat's popularity has suffered a hit in recent months since the much-maligned update which caused a huge ruckus amongst their users.

Snap has introduced a new "Clear Chats" feature in Snapchat, letting users delete unopened, viewed, or saved messages.

To delete a message, navigate to the conversation, press and hold on the offending content, and select Delete. The message will be gone, and friends in the individual or group conversation will be alerted that a message was deleted.

Now Snapchat has stepped in to save you some of the pain of missent messages. "Tap it and Snapchat will try to retract the message, though it admits it won't always work if the recipient lacks an Internet connection or updated version of the app", the report added.

Of course, if your friends are quick, they can screenshot the message if they truly want to. It also doesn't protect you from screenshots, although you will be notified if a screenshot is taken.


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