Polio is making a comeback in Venezuela

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A deadly and highly infectious disease that was thought to be eradicated has returned to Venezuela.

The Pan-American Health Organisation said that due to the ongoing "economic war" prevailing in Venezuela, the 85 percent measles cases have been reported in Latin America as well as the Caribbean in the last one year.

"The virus is transmitted through contaminated food and water, and multiplies in the intestines", according to PAHO.

Symptoms include high temperature, sore throats, headaches, migraines, and vomiting. It is suspected that these are cases of circulating polio virus (cVDPV) but it has yet to be confirmed.

The last case of acute poliomyelitis reported in Venezuela dates back to 1989, a former health minister, Jose Felix Oletta, told AFP. Local health authorities took more than a month to notify the PAHO that they had identified a case of polio, although global health regulations require them to do so within 24 hours.

The diagnosis comes as Venezuela, with an estimated population of 31.3 million, experiences political and economic turmoil, resulting in a humanitarian and health care crisis. Maduro's government blames U.S. sanctions for the woes. "This situation is unfortunate but we saw it coming, because we've been denouncing for years that there are not enough vaccines", Manuela Bolivar of Venezuela's opposition party said, via The Telegraph.

PAHO added that polio isn't the only illness to return to the unstable nation.

Out of the other 11 countries to have reported Polio cases, Venezuela not only stood at top most position with majority cases but has also recorded 35 death cases due to the disease since mid 2017, said the organisation.