Patent suggests AI learning could be used to identify drunk Uber passengers

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The patent said: "The system receives the trip request from a user and generates a prediction about the current state of the user using the computer model". The system will also take into consideration the time of day and the location of the pickup.

Uber has filed a patent (spotted by CNN) for a system that uses AI to identify drunk passengers.

Uber drivers could soon know if you are drunk before you have even been picked up.

A patent application shows Uber is working on using artificial intelligence to identify intoxicated users to better tailor ride options.

Uber may implement a system that determines if users are behaving like their usual selves.

It would be cool if drivers got extra money for picking up drunk passengers.

Still, it is not hard to imagine that a driver with a new, shiny, upholstered vehicle might think twice about picking up a passenger they know to be sloshed.

The patent application also indicates that the Uber service may change based on the outcome of the data analysis.

WTF?! Ask any Uber driver, or taxi driver, for that matter, what the worst part of their job is, and many will say it's dealing with drunken passengers. "Therefore, it is desirable to minimize impact of such safety incidents in travel coordination systems", Uber states in the application.

Ironically, Uber is concerned about drunk passengers assaulting their drivers while it is turning a blind eye to the many cases of sexual assault by Uber drivers. A particularly drunk rider is likely to be paired with drivers who are experienced and trained in handling people in inebriated state.