Kim Agrees to Send Remains of US Soldiers Home

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He told The Associated Press that he hopes to soon visit the White House.

Speaking at a news conference after the summit, he called the military drills "tremendously expensive".

"When you see Donald next time can Donald say hi to me and say, 'Dennis, I would love to shake your hand, '" Rodman said while laughing. CNN's "Chris Cuomo Primetime" was a close third with 2.362 million viewers. I knew things were gonna change. Sanders did not immediately respond to questions about the call. There had been pre-summit whispers in Washington that the administration wanted a 2020 deadline but the president seemed to give Pyongyang significant latitude when he asserted that "scientifically it takes a long time to pull off denuclearization". Seoul's presidential office said it was trying to parse Trump's comments.

"I said to everybody, the door will open", said Rodman. "It was just too hot". I was just getting sweaty. "Don't get it twisted", he said with a laugh.

Among them, Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he was caught off guard since Trump had said military cooperation would not necessarily be part of a first meeting with Kim.

Tuesday saw Trump describe Kim as "a very talented man" and say he had "developed a very special bond" with the DPRK leader. He also said he'd like to remove all 28,500 US troops stationed in the South, although he made clear this was an option for the future, not a part of current negotiations. "He wants to come to America and enjoy his life".

Trump disclosed no cost for the exercises, and the Pentagon did not respond to requests for that information Tuesday morning.

"If Trump could pull this off, more power to him", he explained. Randall Schriver, the Pentagon's assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs, was in Singapore for the summit as part of the USA delegation, and will return to Washington as the Pentagon considers its next moves. Former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman, of course, who infamously went to North Korea several years ago and keeps inserting himself into these discussions ever since. "Glad I fired him on Apprentice!"

He said that President Ronald Reagan famously called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics the "evil empire" before coming to an agreement to dismantle Checkpoint Charlie and tear down the Berlin Wall. "I don't need to worry about the war stuff, I don't know anything about that", he said. Instead, he said Trump offered to end military exercises "in exchange for the mere hope that North Korea will freeze its illegal nuclear testing regime". "I don't think they are so confident right now". Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said this referred to routine, daily training in South Korea, not the large-scale war games that Trump said are suspended. "He's a genuine guy". "I really believe that". The former reality-TV star seemed to turn a blind eye to the perceived human rights violations committed in the isolated authoritarian state, including "an nearly complete denial of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion" and the use of prison labor camps, deliberate starvation, executions, and other methods of torture to deter dissent, according to a 2014 United Nations report.

While President Trump might be correct that his threat to rain "fire and fury" on the Korean Peninsula helped get Kim to the table (and perhaps persuaded Xi to cajole him there), the opportunity to convert that leverage into real denuclearization has been squandered.

President Donald Trump's interview with Fox News host and senior advisor Sean Hannity revealed the opportunity for a new real estate project in North Korea if things go well.

At a lunch with Republican senators on Tuesday, however, Pence said that exercises will continue - according to Senator Cory Gardner (R-Colorado), a frequent critic of Trump.

Rodman appeared on CNN Monday night to talk as an expert about the relationship between North Korea and the United States.

"I think Iran is a different country now", he said. No one to see me.

The Republican chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker, said that it was hard to assess what had happened at the summit.