Kanye West Expresses Love For "Deadpool"; Offers Use of His Music

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As revealed today on his Twitter account, the popular rap star admits to being a fan of both of the Deadpool movies, and thinks he heard tracks in the films that sounded similar to what he would have done.

West, 41, said he loved both of the "Deadpool" films starring Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds in a series of tweets Tuesday. "Bro I would have cleared my music for Deadpool..."

Reynolds later responded to West's initial message. "I'm having a word with Celine Dion".

One of the new songs on that movie's soundtrack, "Welcome to the Party", features producer Diplo, along with rappers French Montana and Lil Pump and singer Zhavia.

To which Ryan Reynolds - who not only plays the Merc With A Mouth, but also seems dedicated to preserving the real world honour of Deadpool, stepped in with a ideal comeback.

The Adidas designer later backtracked, complimenting the franchise for their dynamic cinematography. He reckons that songs on the soundtrack resembled some of his music - though he did add, as a fan, he would have definitely licensed them to be used in the film. I love how you guys break the fourth wall... thank you for being so innovative and please know I am down to clear next time'. The ranchy mercenary graced the stage in a pair of stilettos as Dion crooned the first track she's released in two years.