Guatemala's Volcano of Fire emits another hot sediment flow

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The death toll from the volcano's eruption has been gradually rising as rescue teams scoured the ravaged landscape, which is coated in ash.

Guatemala's Volcano of Fire released a flow of burning sediment and rock Saturday, causing authorities to order new preventative evacuations nearly a week after the initial eruption left at least 110 people dead and about 200 missing.

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Along a closed highway that connects the towns of El Rodeo and San Miguel los Lotes, two of the towns badly affected, around 25 people, many with picks and shovels, waited to resume the search for the missing.

The new round of evacuations came a day after search-and-rescue efforts were suspended because of hot volcanic material and concerns that rainy weather could trigger mudslides. Her family had gathered for lunch because her sister was visiting from a village nearby.

The institute has been blamed for CONRED's failure to heed those advance warnings.

Garcia believes her nine siblings and their families as well as her mother, her grown-up children and a grandson, were killed.

The fruit-seller ran to safety and watched in horror as the burning flow engulfed her house completely with her 21-year-old son inside it and as her daughter Vilma Liliana, 23, failed to outrun it. The visiting sister and her husband have not been found. But for now, she says, all that matters is the search.

With no family left, Garcia has no idea where she will live now but her only goal right now is to find her missing family.

"I've looked here in the morgue and in another morgue, but there is no sign of them", she said, standing in front of a row of coffins at a makeshift mortuary.

On Friday afternoon, the Garcia family buried five relatives who died in the eruption that sunk many homes in brown ash. "All 50 of them".