Google Rolls Out New Knowledge Graph Cards for College Searches

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Google unveiled a new tool on Tuesday that lets students find more detailed profiles about four-year schools than many searches do, such as tuition cost after financial aid is applied, and what students typically pay based on their families' income.

Google (GOOG, GOOGL) just unveiled a new feature in Search to help users find the ideal college or university.

Google says these new cards have been created to make it easier to find a college that meets a person's individual needs, which is something many are struggling with right now.

"The process to find the right school for you, however, can be confusing". "Information is scattered across the internet, and it's not always clear what factors to consider and which pieces of information will be most useful for your decision".

This app wants you to ace your college search. And 63% of recently enrolled and prospective students told nonpartisan think tank New America that they often felt lost when researching college or financial aid options.

Google unveils tool to help you find the perfect college
Google wants to make searching for college less of a headache

I personally had no clue what I was doing when it came to searching for colleges and applying for financial aid.

Finding all of this information about cost, acceptance and graduation rates, available majors, stats about the student body and other details like the typical annual income of graduates after 10 years can be very time-consuming.

To simplify this, Knowledge Graph cards for 4-year colleges in the USA will now include information about admission, cost, majors, outcomes, student life, rankings, and notable alumni. This data comes from the U.S. Department of Education, while Google is working with researchers and nonprofit organizations to improve the available information. This new widget puts all of this data right into the sidebar (on desktop) or at the top of the page (on mobile).

Google says it worked with everyone from colleges to high school students and counselors to determine what kind of information the search should bring up.