Google Home Can Now Handle Up to Three Queries At a Time

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However, Google has now revealed that its Google Home speakers will soon support multiple commands at the same time. Now, Google Home devices are getting even smarter with improved support for multiple queries. I tested it with several commands for my smart home and I was able to get it to work for two lights (I don't have light groups), one light + one A/C unit, and one light + one scene (Harmony through SmartThings).

The new ability is a progression from Google Home's understanding of two commands at once.

Not specified in the original tweet, but added in a follow-up, Google also notes that this feature is available in English only and only in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. That lead to unnatural sentences like "turn on the lights in the living room and turn on the lights in the kitchen". Citing the example above, simply saying "turn off living room and bedroom" should work now with the desired result. This functionality is now expanding to three commands, Google announced on its Made By Google Twitter page (Update: the Tweet has since been removed for unknown reasons).

For instance, suppose you want to turn on your TV and light, then all you need to say "turn on my living room TV and light". Others needed to update their Google Home firmware.

As an extreme example, you can ask, "Ok Google, who was president when Kevin Durant was drafted into the National Basketball Association and what team drafted him?"