First official screenshots for Cyberpunk 2077 released

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In response to a question about the possibility of a third-person camera being an option, Rowley flatly (but kindly) replied "No".

CD Projekt RED has released the first official screenshots for Cyberpunk 2077. Rumors that the game would be a first-person began circulating a few months back.

While any information is good news, the lack of gameplay has left some players feeling frustrated that CD Projekt Red isn't being upfront with their information.

"Now at the start of the game we don't actually have any classes that you pick from", Rowley explained.

As you readers probably already know, the newest Cyberpunk 2077 trailer was shown during the Microsoft conference on Sunday. Players will only be able to switch camera perspectives during cutscenes or vehicle driving.

The game features first-person shooting and cover mechanics to traverse a risky metropolis. It's a role playing game with some shooter elements instead of a shooter game with RPG elements. The combat will be faster-paced than Fallout 4, but slower than something like Doom.

The protagonist is named V, and you can choose whether they're male or female, as well as their backstory. World design was a huge focus in setting the tone. Rowley made sure to reiterate that Cyberpunk 2077 is "first and foremost a narrative-driven roleplaying game", with a full melee system to complement first-person shooting combat.

Classes will NOT be picked in the beginning - class system is fluid based on the choices the player makes. There is also a tease of having flying cars.

Witcher was horizontally huge, Cyberpunk is vertically huge. Learned lessons from Witcher 3. These multi-floor behemoths will include their own societies, vendors, quest givers and more. For example, there's a street cred stat that lets you open up even more of the open world. It's not clear how this system will be enforced, but CD Projekt Red says your street cred can be raised by wearing certain clothing. Then use your blood money to invest in properties all around the city.

Finally, Cyberpunk 2077 will feature a unique dialogue system.

- comment on an uncooperative character's tattoo to please them, or end a conversation early with a well-placed bullet.