Bethesda Reveal DOOM Eternal At E3 2018

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Doom Eternal, the follow-up to the 2016 remake of the classic, was unveiled at the Bethesda E3 showcase in Los Angeles.

Fans should expect a literal Hell on Earth with the latest in the Doom series, as a stronger protagonist twice as many demons as previous Doom games. Until then details were limited to another event. Doom Eternal is the follow-up to Doom.and that's about all the information we have on it.

On Sunday night, Bethesda surprised the crowd at their annual E3 press conference with a surprise reveal of Doom Eternal, a sequel to 2016's critically acclaimed Doom.

Unfortunately, there was not any gameplay footage, but we can guess that it will be much in line with the FPS play featured throughout the franchise. Based on the trailer though, it looks like all the essentials will be featured in the game: gruesome looking enemies, a shredding soundtrack, and gore.

Currently, DOOM Eternal doesn't have a release date. When the developers at Id Software got on stage to briefly discuss the sequel, they said the trailer actually showed Earth, "Hell on Earth". Yes, it seems that Hell has come to our world after wreaking havoc on Mars. The Doom Marine steps in, crushes a demon skull with his boot. Well, you can always dive into those aforementioned Doom multiplayer updates or take advantage of the game's surprisingly excellent arcade mode that adds a point counter to your every action.

Doom 2 is officially coming. The trailer promises a first look at gameplay via a livestream at QuakeCon on August 10.