Women, children among victims in deadly Afghanistan bomb attacks

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Arif Noori, governor's spokesman in Ghazni, says 26 others, including a district governor and 18 policemen, were wounded in the Tuesday morning attack in Muqar district.

Taliban fighters killed a district governor in northern Afghanistan and kept up the pressure to seize control over some parts of Faryab province, ignoring the temporary ceasefire announced by the government that came into effect on Tuesday.

Bedar said that Taliban had successfully pushed into the district's centre.

Afghan officials said a suicide bomber on foot struck the Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ministry as employees were leaving work in the capital, killing at least 12 people and wounding over 30 days before the start of a holiday cease-fire with the Taliban.

According to news reports, the local branch of the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

A week ago, a motorcycle suicide bomber killed 14 people near a gathering of Muslim clerics in the Afghan capital after they had issued an edict against suicide bombings, officials said, in the latest in a series of attacks to hit Kabul.

"Pakistan wishes to see a national unity government in Kabul and US/NATO succeeding to bring peace in Afghanistan", Asif Ghafoor, the official spokesman Pakistan's Armed Forces tweeted.

It would last from the "27th of Ramadan until the fifth day of Eid-al-Fitr", he said, indicating it could run from June 12-19.

Pakistan has always been accused of supporting the Taliban and providing safe haven to its leaders - charges Islamabad denies.

The Taliban said on Saturday their fighters would stop attacking Afghan security forces but only for the first three days of Id.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday announced security forces would halt hostilities with the Taliban for a week - though he warned that operations against other groups, including IS, would continue.

Even troops in Ghazni have said they will observe the ceasefire.

The attack comes as security has deteriorated in the city during recent months ahead of elections scheduled for October.

If it holds, analysts had expressed cautious optimism that the agreements could help build trust between the government and the Taliban and lay the groundwork for peace talks.