Where was Final Fantasy 7 Remake at E3 2018?

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With Kingdom Hearts III being a reality that we can play next year, it was only a matter of time that Square Enix would get on the collector's edition bandwagon.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansion is next with a trailer showing off some of the boss fights and locations from the expansion.

Octopath Traveler was also given a quick name check, while a crossover with Monster Hunter: World was announced for MMO Final Fantasy XIV Online this summer.

The action adventure JRPG is back with a colorful new world.

Either way, this one has a low-key, gritty visual aesthetic compared to other Square Enix games, so it should be interesting to follow moving forward. This title is coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam on September 4, 2018. "The two most prominent examples are brief teasers from Halo Infinite-presumably Halo 6-and an even shorter teaser for Elder Scrolls 6 at Bethesda's "#BE3" showcase.

Scheduled for a 2019 release, Platinum Games is developing this title.

A new trailer, with Pirates of the Caribbean footage, was also released.

Square Enix just announced an original game called The Quiet Man.

Not that we're complaining, as the sandbox destruction looked as fun as ever - especially with the new extreme weather effects and more versatile grapple hook. It started off with a live action trailer of character walking into an alley, ready to beat some fools. Then, it transformed into a video game scene, revealing that you're actually playing as a deaf character.

In The Quiet Man, silence rings loudest.