The Division 2 adds raids; E3 2018 cinematic trailer

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This time around, the game is set in Washington D.C., where player selection will have more of an impact in the open-world sequel.

Earlier today during their conference, Ubisoft showcased some footage of The Division 2, and now, after the conference, the game is getting some more love in the form of a half-hour stream of the game played as we watch. Unlike the first game, the development team at Massive is placing a huge focus on endgame content.

In the game, players will be able to pick a specialization after the main campaign is over. These include Sharpshooter, Demolitionist, and Survivalist. Additionally, a complete range of PvP experiences, scalable World Tiers and a fully redesigned and rebalanced Dark Zone experience will all be live on Day One.

Moreover, up to eight players will be able to tackle the new game's raids, up from the original's Incursion player cap of four. These challenging missions, which will launch post-release, will put larger groups of players to the test, forcing them to use to use advanced tactics to achieve their objectives.

While there will be tons of content available on day one, The Division 2 is committed to continually offering new content updates.

For those who want even more content, an optional premium pass will give you access to one year of exclusive add-ons. The Division 2 will arrive on consoles and PC March 15, 2019.