Owners of Elon Musk's 'Not A Flamethrower' are incinerating everything

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Miguel Santiago, an American politician who serves in the California State Assembly, recently proposed legislation to stop sale of the flamethrowers.

KitGuru Says: At the very least, Musk is allowing himself to run wild with his ideas in the Boring Company and there's no telling what the mad man genius will end up doing next. The product is a bit more like a blow torch than flamethrower, since it only shoots flames four feet.

The gun lobby, however, was not amused.

Elon Musk's flamethrowers do not use a mixture of flammable liquids to launch flames great distances, like its military counterparts. At the party for the $500 device, guests used their new toys to toast marshmallows. I will not use this in an unsafe way.

The clever idea behind these flamethrower pick up parties originally stemmed from the fact that shipping these devices proved to be quite hard given the fact that they contained propane.

Elon Musk's "zombie-killing" flamethrowers are already available to buy on eBay - less than 48 hours after the first batch was picked up by customers.

Elon Musk hinted at the Boring Company's plans to launch a "freezegun" in a tweet back in January. Now, the first 1,000 have made their way into the hands of owners who lived close enough to the SpaceX headquarters to manually pick theirs up.

"Anyways, we are hosting a Not-a-Flamethrower pickup party in Los Angeles on June 9, 2018, from noon to 5 pm". Only eligible customers who have signed the terms and conditions and have registered at www.boringcompany.com/pickup may attend.

The device comes with a 10-page manual which had additional tips: "Do not touch the not-a-flamethrower nozzle during or after use, as it could burn you".

Musk said on Twitter in early February that the items were sold out after just five days of market availability, but fear not; for those willing to shell out a pretty penny there is still the option of copping one of the popular flamethrowers on e-commerce site eBay.