New Gamecube Controllers For Nintendo Switch From PowerA

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At this point, the real question is whether or not the game will launch during E3 2018, or if it won't be ready until later this year.

However, if it's coming on multiple platforms. does that suggest the game will be coming out on Nintendo Switch?

Developed by GalaxyTrail and slated for publishing on Nintendo Switch by XSEED Games, Freedom Planet will release this fall digitally on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

After all, we've seen Nintendo port games from the Wii U to the Switch - it'd make sense to go from one handheld to another, too.

"According to our research, teams from around the world will be competing at the Splatoon 2 World Championship in Los Angeles during E3". It's possible that Nintendo could announce the new GameCube controllers for the Switch during E3. But Nintendo Switch owners have been left waiting for the popular battle royale game.

Don't want to miss any of the E3 2018 action? You can read the tweet for yourselves below.

If you were hoping that Anthem was going to come to the Switch, you're going to be disappointed. Nintendo is the first company to kick off Tuesday, running from 9:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. PT. We already know that Super Smash Bros. will be shown off heavily, but there's some mystery surrounding the rest of the line-up. To our eyes, these titles seem like ones that will be part of a montage; as big as Fortnite is, it's hard to imagine Nintendo dedicating that much time to just one third-party title. We will see some gameplay, get some character announcements, hopefully, a couple of pleasant surprises, but not the full roster as well as at least a release month if not an exact date.

References to Fortnite have been spotted in a recent eShop update.