Fortnite Nintendo Switch eShop Information Suggests A June 12, 2018 Debut

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It's also a great move for Nintendo to embrace such a huge 3rd party phenomenon, as their strategy of filling the Switch with tons of games continues.

Nintendo announced that the massively popular "Fortnite" video game will be available on its Nintendo Switch console. Now you can take the game with you on-the-go on a device more capable than a smartphone. There was no mention of Fortnite's Save the World PvE mode, so I'm assuming only the battle royale mode will be made available on Switch.

Twitter user Simon Aarons was able to get an early look at the Nintendo Switch eShop listing for Fortnite and has posted for all to see. Don't worry, it's still free as only Save the World requires you to pay - that is if you don't purchase the completely optional seasonal Battle Pass.

Battle Royale starts with 100 players who all jump from a plane onto a small island where they fight to the death until only one player is victorious. Whether Fortnite will be exempt from those charges remains to be seen. Both Xbox and PlayStation allow cross-platform play with both mobile and PC, but not with each other.

The girl's mum told The Daily Mirror: "We had no idea, when we let her play the game, of the addictive nature or the impact if could have on her mental health". It's available to download and play today, starting at 10:00 a.m. PT.

With just hours to go until the Nintendo Direct E3 2018 live stream, at least one surprise appears to have been thoroughly spoiled by leaks and data mines. Other items of note are that the game will of course support add-on content, with V-Bucks and the Wingman Starter Pack being prominently listed.

Are there any Nintendo skins for Fortnite on Switch? It's a complex, silly, and - most importantly - free game that's available on almost every platform: PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. But what happens when you get addicted?