Fallout 76 will get mod support eventually

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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer game that takes place just 20 years after the bombs dropped, but plenty of bombs are still hanging around unlaunched.

In a playful joke with the fans, Todd Howard said he's read online that past Fallout games have had a few bugs. That is, after he teased a Skyrim Alexa Edition which, honestly, looked pretty great. It was also confirmed that this is in fact an online game you can play with friends and strangers.

Last but not least, Bethesda announced the game's special edition. Here is everything Howard revealed at E3 about Fallout 76. It's unknown exactly how nuclear missiles will interact with the map; the trailer appeared to show an area struck by a missile to have been transformed into a heavily irradiated fallout zone filled with unsafe enemies and valuable resources.

Now we know much more about the game. In terms of audience size, it's the most popular game from the company ever, more than all the players for all of Bethesda Game Studios' titles combined. There must be a reason all the insane monsters we see aren't in Fallout 3, which is relatively close by geographically. You can download and play Fallout Shelter on PS4 and Nintendo Switch right now. Once we find out what the players like, since we built a system to add content, we'll do that. A post from the official Bethesda Twitter account confirms this is the method and the second confirmation is via Fallout 76's Bethesda.net page.

Fallout 76 will launch on November 14 and will also receive a beta testing phase.

In the world of Fallout, the American government and a shady company called Vault-tec, create a series of fallout shelters to protect a selection of citizens from an impending nuclear war.

In Fallout 76 it's work together, or not, to survive. There will be a massive Collector's Edition with a big wearable Fallout helmet too, if you've got money to blow on the Power Armour Edition.