Dennis Rodman talks Trump-Kim North Korea summit

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Rodman said he believed Trump "will understand that the people of North Korea have a heart, have a soul, charisma and love each other". I had to hide out for 30 days.

"But I kept my head high, brother, I knew things were going to change ... I still kept going back". "I was the only one". During his appearance, Dennis, who happened to be wearing a Make America Great Again hat, opened up on the criticism he's received for his efforts to try and bring the U.S. and North Korea together. "I took those bullets, I took all that". Today is a great day for everybody, Singapore, Tokyo, China, everybody ... it's a great day.

Rodman said he was "brushed off" when he tried to approach former US President Barack Obama about relations with North Korea.

He also shared a photo of himself and Trump and told the entire world that he's "honored" to call the president a friend.

The White House called Rodman Monday morning. "He is a unique person since he has a relationship with both Kim Jong Un and with Donald Trump. I'm so happy", he said. He has made five trips to Pyongyang since Kim took power.

"We don't need a miracle. We just need the doors to be opened so we can start fresh", he said.

The Pew poll, conducted in late April and early May, also reveals it is Kim, not Trump, Americans don't trust - even if the research group casts doubt in its report on the meeting between the two leaders having a successful outcome. I want to see us get along. "It ain't gotta be about war, it ain't gotta be about hatred or what happen in the future or the past", he told CNN.

In an interview on CNN, Rodman admitted his naivete the first time he visited North Korea. "He wants his people to enjoy his life". Trump said last week Rodman is "a nice guy", but was not invited in an official capacity. They share a love of basketball.

The 57-year-old, who participated on Trump's reality TV show, "The Celebrity Apprentice", said the White House thanked him for his role in reaching out to North Korea.

The White House has previously tried to play down the former Chicago Bulls forward's role, with spokesman Hogan Gidley telling Fox News last week that while he expected Trump and Kim to have "an wonderful conversation", they will be doing so "without Dennis Rodman in tow". Asked if he would meet Kim in Singapore, he said he thought the North Korean leader had "bigger things to worry about", but added that every time he'd met with Kim, "it had been a surprise".

"I've always been an advocate of involving Dennis Rodman", Clapper noted to Cuomo.

Rodman spoke from Singapore, where he had travelled to play his part in the summit.

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