E3 2018: New Content, Game Modes Coming to PREY on PS4

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The official Prey social accounts have been making plenty of mentions of the moon, leading many to guess that Moon-themed DLC was inevitable. This DLC will feature a similar concept to the Radiant Quest system developed for Skyrim, changing each run through of the TranStar secret moon base so that you never play the same thing twice. But each time you go through it, the enemies, loot and goals are completely different, making each go round a unique, combat-frenzied experience. The game will allow users to play both online and in single player mode. It's called Typhon Hunter, and sees one player take on the role of a human as they battle to find and kill five others who take control of the shape-shifting Mimics. This loot transfers over to your next game and gives you a better chance of survival.

Arkane Studios is working on a bunch of new content for its first-person horror role-playing game "Prey", publisher Bethesda announced during its E3 2018 press conference. This will come as a free update for Mooncrash DLC and Prey: Digital Deluxe owners and will be playable in VR and without it.

This is a competitive game mode which is basically a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, pitting Morgan Yu against mimics that will hide or try to disguise themselves as every day objects in order to hunt Yu down.

Prey's VR release will come later this year and will be called Prey Typhon Hunter.