‘Dead or Alive 6’ Coming to Consoles and Steam in 2019

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IGN, on the other hand, explains that a new combo attack system-Fatal Rush and Break Gauge, as it's known-is designed with new players in mind.

Dead or Alive 6 will release in early 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Following today's reveal of Dead or Alive 6, Koei Tecmo opened the official website of the game.

There is a new meter which rises as you receive/deal damage and block attacks, which can be used to unleash a flurry of blows or a special counter attack that works against all forms of regular strikes. Team Ninja's fighting game is also getting quite an overhaul! They can still be countered and countering either move can lead to a significant advantage. At the time, the development team went back and forth on implementing a streamlined process for beginners. It's not a coincidence, I tell ya!

File this one under "things we never saw coming", Team Ninja have announced that Dead or Alive 6 is happening, and will be arriving next year.

Kasumi, Hayate, Hayabusa, Helena, Jann Lee, and Zack are confirmed as returning characters.

However, fans of the series will be glad to hear that core gameplay is largely untouched. As you can see in the trailer above, some things about the series remain pleasantly intact. Unfortunately, there isn't anything even resembling a complete roster out just yet, but we should be seeing plenty of familiar faces and even a smattering of new characters, if we're lucky.