Britain's Queen Elizabeth, 92, had eye surgery last month

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The medical procedure hasn't stopped Her Majesty from fulfilling her duties, with the monarch maintaining a busy schedule.

Her outpatient surgery, which was not announced at the time of the procedure, took place at the private King Edward VII's Hospital in central London, where Philip had his hip surgery.

Queen Elizabeth II donned sunglasses at Epsom Downs racecourse in Surrey on June 2, 2018, after cataract surgery.

The Queen did not cancel or postpone any engagements as a result of the operation.

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye, leading to a decrease in vision. It's an increasingly common procedure aimed at helping people suffering from the exasperating blurry vision that often comes with old age, or even middle age.

The condition can affect the ability to carry out daily activities such as driving.

Cataracts are more likely to develop if there is a family history of them.

In 2013, the Queen had her first hospital stay in 10 years when she suffered symptoms of gastroenteritis and missed an engagement in Swansea, according to local media. A week of engagements, including a two-day trip to Rome, was cancelled and the Queen spent one night in hospital. It is the most common operation performed in the United Kingdom, taking 30-45 minutes, and has a high success rate.

The surgeon will make a small incision in the eye to remove the cloudy lens, and then replace it with a clear one. It can four to six weeks for patients to fully recover.