Twitter reacts to news of Anthony Bourdain’s death

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In the East, Vermont, New Hampshire and SC saw dramatic spikes as well.

Do you have access to weapons or things that can be used as weapons to harm yourself? "It's OK to struggle, but it's also OK to seek help", she said. Spade's husband said she suffered from depression and anxiety for years, while Bourdain had spoken openly about his past drug addiction. The latest USA data suggests in 54 per cent of completed suicides, there were no known mental health conditions.

Data from the National Violent Death Reporting System in 2015 reported that more than half of those who died by suicide did not have a known mental condition. "I honestly don't know that there's anything that's been passed down to us that would be affecting (suicide rates) one way or the other", Brennan said, adding that the Board of Health does not have any mental health specialists. "Suicide doesn't discriminate", Lyn Morris, LMFT, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services. They said coroners' reports from across the country indicate that suicides often follow relationship or financial problems, substance abuse and health crises. The report recommends that prevention efforts focus "further upstream" on stresses such as job loss or divorce.

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death and is one of just three leading causes that are increasing, along with unintentional injuries and Alzheimer's disease.

Suicide rates climbed more than 30 percent in half the states, and 54 percent of the people who died by suicide didn't have a known mental-health condition, the report found.

Gordon said doctors need to ask patients at every opportunity about their mental health and evaluate their risk for suicide.

And the increase in suicides in MA has been blamed on the travails of middle-aged men, who account for the largest number of suicide deaths. The state has tried to tackle the problem with a website,, that targets men in this age group. What impact might news coverage of a suicide have on other people's trying or committing suicide?

Thomas Delaney, a faculty member at the University of Vermont's Larner College of Medicine who studies suicide, said Thursday that several aspects of Vermont life have been linked to higher rates of suicide.

The state is rural, and studies show a connection between suicide and living in rural areas.

His suicide death has people sharing their memories from that night.

Suicide has become a more prevalent topic among the USA healthcare population in recent years, as well. But Dr. Schuchat said the decrease was minor for a state with a high suicide rate.

When a high-profile person dies by suicide, the "celebrity-suicide effect" can lead to a rise in copycat deaths.

As of 2018, only 10 states mandate suicide prevention training for health professionals.

"We are highly aware we still have high rates, but we will never give up". But Stone said the lasting impact of the Great Recession and the opioid overdose epidemic are certainly possible factors.