Trump says Melania can't fly for a month after four-hour 'operation'

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As a reminder, here are the statements the First Lady's office put out at the time of her surgery and after she left the hospital.

In pictures posted on her official Twitter account, she was seen sitting next to President Donald Trump at a private reception for families of U.S. soldiers killed in action.

She and Trump "were honoured to pay tribute to our fallen heroes".

White House communications director Stephanie Grisham announced on May 19 that the former model underwent a successful "embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition" at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Trump told reporters as he left the White House on Friday for the G7 meeting in Quebec that Mrs Trump wanted to join him at an annual summit of leading industrialised nations, as she did previous year, but that she "can't fly for one month". She was released after a five-day hospital stay but remained out of sight. The First Lady is in good spirits and she is resting. During her recovery from surgery they reported everything from near death, to facelift, to left the W.H.

Grisham dismissed the media speculation as "nonsense". "Fake News is really bad!"

Even after Melania was spotted during her first public appearance at a Gold Star event in the White House, where the press was absent, many social media users wondered if it was the real first lady that attended the ceremony or her body double.

Interested in Melania Trump? "She can not travel internationally yet, and is doing great", Grisham said. "Mrs. Trump had a successful embolization procedure".

The first lady is not an elected position, and Melania Trump is under no obligation to keep the American people abreast of her health, activities or whereabouts.

Her husband lashed out Wednesday about rumors of her condition, falsely accusing the media of reporting them.

At the briefing, she smiled when the president said she "went through a little rough patch, but she's doing great", but did not speak.