Trump administration reaches deal to lift ZTE ban

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If ZTE agrees to implement the administration's demands, the Commerce Department will lift the ban on purchasing United States products.

ZTE told the Commerce Department that it had punished those responsible, but when paperwork proving this was requested, the department determined that ZTE had not followed through, resulting in the institution of the full sanctions. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) has likewise criticized the Chinese company as a security hazard. "Now congress will need to act".

"If the administration goes through with this reported deal, President Trump would be helping make China great again", said Democratic Sen. Earlier in May, the Pentagon ordered bases to stop selling phones made by ZTE and Huawei, another Chinese company. Trump asked Xi what he was prepared to do, the president said - and Xi replied that he was willing to have ZTE pay a fine of $500 million dollars for the embargo violations, change the management and replace the board. The White House could be forced to fight to have this provision stripped out if they want to consummate their deal with the Chinese. The fine would come on top of the roughly $1 billion ZTE has already paid for selling equipment to North Korea and Iran in violation of USA sanctions. U.S. companies provide up to 30 percent of components used in ZTE's equipment.

The plan is already drawing fire from ZTE critics in Congress, further inflaming tensions over trade policy in a week when Republicans blasted the administration for contemplating tariffs on auto imports. It would now be allowed to resume business with USA companies, including chipmaker Qualcomm Inc.

Democrats urge president to put, national security before China; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington. Would be a huge victory for President Xi, and a dramatic retreat by Pres Trump.

"Both parties have come together today to strongly rebuke ZTE and the administration's soft approach".

ZTE needs US components for its mobile phones and network equipment.

"ZTE - I shut it down", Trump told Fox News. During the trip, Ross is expected to also play a role in dealing with the ZTE discussions. On Thursday, the House passed a bill - which will now need to pass through the Senate - that would ban USA government employees from using ZTE products and stop the Defence Department from dealing with the company's vendors.

Shares of ZTE's US suppliers traded higher on Friday.

This has led to showdowns with Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Canada and members of the European Union. They have said the company broke USA laws and shouldn't be easily forgiven. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said on Twitter Friday that the president's proposed compromise benefits China at the expense of US companies.