Sheriff reveals new details on Santa Fe High School shooting timeline

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A day after 10 people were killed and 13 others wounded in the deadliest school shooting in Texas history, the Santa Fe Indians took the field with the community, the state and the nation behind them.

American football player JJ Watt, who plays for the Houston Texans, has offered to pay for the funerals of the eight students and two teachers killed.

In the Santa Fe shooting, he said there should be a way to punish the father of Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, the accused shooter who used his dad's shotgun and.38 revolver to carry out the attack.

All schools in Santa Fe will be closed today and tomorrow, officials said.

Among them was 18-year-old Santa Fe senior Monica Bracknell, a shooting survivor who hugged Mr. Abbott outside the Arcadia First Baptist Church and urged him not to use the tragedy as fodder in the gun-control fight. She lives in a home with guns, she respects them and she believes they make her safer - until the wrong person gets ahold of one.

"You have the necessary exits for fire, of course", Mr. Patrick said, "but we have to funnel our students into our schools so we can put eyes on them". About a week ago, she stood up to him in class to proclaim she would not go out with him, Baze said.

Pagourtzis, 17, has been charged with murder after the attack at Santa Fe High School, south-east of Houston in Texas.

"A week later he opens fire on everyone he didn't like", she said.

Over the weekend, there were more tributes at church services and vigils. "When you're facing someone who's an active shooter, the best way to take that shooter down is with a gun, but even better than that is four or five guns to one".

The massacre also claimed the lives of students Sabika Sheikh, a Pakistani exchange student; Chris Stone; Angelique Ramirez; Christian Riley Garcia; Aaron Kyle McLeod; and Kimberly Vaughan. He immediately waived his Miranda rights and is now in solitary confinement.

Participants in the giveaway enter with a chance to win a $250 certificate that can be redeemed at a licensed gun dealer in Central Texas. But this time, the graduates they were sending off to their next venture had just endured what was referred to as "pure evil" only a few days before.

"We need our teachers to be armed", Mr. Patrick said on CNN's "State of the Union".

Police have not said that the Sante Fe suspect was taking ADHD medication. My family is all in if we can do this at scale. Instead, they are looking for leaders to help the country through a slow-rolling epidemic, one that has claimed almost 175,000 lives since Sandy Hook, and so many other kinds of victims, as well.

"I don't think we're going to see any change because Democrats and Republicans are seeing this from very different perspectives", Mark Jones, a professor at Rice University, said. They appreciate the thoughts and prayers, which help them through the darkest moments.