YouTube Refurbishes Its Music Service

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The much rumoured YouTube Music relaunch/rebrand whatever you want to call it is definitely on, with a signup page and information about the service now available. Google's music streaming efforts have been somewhat confusing in recent years, so the introduction of YouTube Music should help streamline its product offering.

"YouTube Music includes a reimagined mobile app and brand new desktop player that are designed for music".

Music discovery is literally front and center in the new YouTube Music, with the app's home screen dynamically recommending new listening based on your history, location, and activity.

Existing Google Play Music customers will get a YouTube Music package thrown into their subscription for free, while Roman reassured users that their playlists, purchases and uploads would remain intact once Google Play was phased out. Meanwhile, Google Play Music subscribers get access to Music Premium as part of their subscription.

YouTube Music Premium - $9.99 per month, ad-free, listen in background and downloads.

YouTube Music will combine millions of "official" tracks with the vast catalogue of rarities and remixes uploaded by YouTube's users.

YouTube Music has thousands of playlists, the official versions of millions of songs, albums, artist radio and more, in addition to all the music videos, people expect from YouTube. It seems that YouTube Music will tap the wonders of natural language processing (NLP) to let you find music based on a vague description. The company said it plans to add more Originals, also from other countries, including comedies, dramas, reality series and action adventure shows from the UK, Germany, France, Mexico and other places. "On Tuesday, May 22, we'll be changing that by introducing YouTube Music".

So where does this leave Google Play Music?

YouTube may be the household name when it comes to online videos and some music but when it comes to monetizing that popularity, it has nothing on Netflix, Spotify, or even Apple Music.

YouTube has become more than a video streaming service and the firm knows that.

Also, say bye-bye to YouTube Red, which will now be known as YouTube Premium. As before, it covers the whole of YouTube (not just the music videos) and offers access to some exclusive shows, but the price is getting bumped up to $11.99/month.