Wildfire ignites near Tunkwa Lake

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There are a couple large structures north of the fire, she says, and a home on Tunkwa Lake Road is relatively close, but is not in any danger, as the fire isn't headed that way and the road and a nearby creek provide natural barriers.

"We're actually working on hopefully today getting a good solid track on that fire so we will have a better understanding of the size", said fire information officer Jody Lucius.

The blaze was reported in at about two hectares in size.

According to them, all appear to human-caused, which has led to a public reminder to exercise caution while outdoors.

A fire burning Logan Lake is now measuring somewhere between 25 and 50 hectares.

The B.C. Wildfire Service said size estimates were hard yesterday due to smoke and hope to have an updated size for the fire later Wednesday. "Last night, it was going both east and west; that was partially just because of the terrain".

"Yesterday, it was hard to estimate because of smoke in the area as well as some accessibility challenges".

The fire is located on Tunkwa Lake Road, and it was phoned into the B.C. Wildfire Service on Tuesday afternoon.

Marla Catherall, communications assistant for the BC Wildfire Service, said there are no structures being threatened at this time and 40 fighters are on site with air support "actioning" the blaze.

"With the hot sunny and dry weather conditions we've had recently, campfires and cooking stoves are allowed, but we have to make sure that fires are put out", she said.