White Woman Calls Police on Black Real Estate Investor Inspecting House

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Michael Hayes, a real estate investor, was inspecting and taking photos of a home he was interested in buying in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 5 when a white woman, now identified as Tiffany Albert, called the cops on him. Checking out of an Airbnb. When the police showed, they backed the black guy.

He was pulling a board off the boarded-up home's front down when a woman next door came outside. The white woman asked Hayes what he was doing at her neighbor's property. He pointed to the sign he had placed in the front yard.

"Hurry up, do it, and get out!" the woman shouts, after which the two officers inform her that Hayes doesn't have to rush because he has permission to be there. "But she wasn't listening to that". The other neighbor also verified Hayes' story to police. "I mean, this is what we go through - [a] young black man out here trying to do what's right and we get the police called on us".

He was rolling when a squad auto from the Memphis Police Department rolled up.

Hayes tried to explain that he had permission to be at the house, even providing paperwork to prove his point, yet the woman wasn't having any of it and called the police.

Hayes then requested the officers to stay outside till he goes in the house and inspects it because he was not comfortable with the white woman around.

"Just go in there and do what you gotta do and hurry up".

"You keep the camera rolling", a white male officer told Hayes. They then asked the woman in the neighboring house to let him do his job.

Hayes told the officers that he was uncomfortable staying at the property by himself.

A police report on the confrontation was not filed because "no criminal act was committed", Lt. Karen Rudolph of the Memphis Police Department told CNN in a statement.

In a statement to The Post, the Memphis Police Department said the officers seen in the video were "examples of the vast majority" of cops throughout the department. He also alluded that the woman called the police on him simply because of his race.

"I'll call you as soon as I have a problem!"

Newsweek has reached out to Hayes for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.

But in an interview with CNN affiliate WMC, Alebert said she made her look like a racist.

'I don't look threatening, ' he said. It's nothing racist about it.

Albert claimed that people had been using drugs in the vacant house before the city boarded up the windows. "No, no. He can take his time", she said, the male officer was in agreement with her stance.

"I'm Spanish", Albert told the local news station.

"I don't care if you're friends with the president", he says back to her.