Watch NASA astronauts spacewalk to fix, upgrade space station

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Two NASA astronauts have successfully completed the fifth spacewalk of this year aboard the International Space Station, spending 6 hours, 31 minutes to undertake maintenance operations on the orbital outpost.

The goal of the NASA spacewalk is to upgrade the station's cooling system hardware, as well as installing new communications equipment that will be used for future docking of commercial care spacecraft.

The boxes, each about the size of a mini-refrigerator or window AC unit, are crucial to keeping the batteries aboard the orbiting lab cool.

Ammonia coolant is toxic, and Mission Control repeatedly warned the spacewalkers to be careful of any leaks.

The first step of this process is to move a componentcalled the Pump FLow COntrol subassembly froma space parts platform over to an area that is within reach of the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator - also known as Dextre - which is a two-armed robot upside the station.

A brand new spare pump arrived at the space station last month.

"We need to keep the batteries cool just like in your cell phone". The other spewed out ammonia five years ago and is dubbed Leaky.

"We've been doing a ton of work to play musical chairs with all these (pumps) so we can have good available spares", flight controller Alex Apyan said from Houston during the spacewalk.

The main danger of the spacewalk involves the high-grade ammonia that runs through the cooling loops.

Wednesday's spacewalking excursion is the 8th of Feustel's career and the 4th for Arnold.