SC boy recovers from shark bite

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"Typically when someone comes out the water bleeding we're dealing with sting rays, maybe cuts from shells on the feet", said Mike Wagner, operations manager for Hilton Head Island Shore Beach Service. Tonya Cox Turrell, Jei's mother, shared a series of updates on Facebook showing a bite mark and a scar left from his surgery.

A 10-year-old boy is healing from a shark bite. It happened over the weekend in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

WTOC reports the boy was in waist-deep water when a shark bit his forearm. "It bit, and then bolted off".

"I saw his arm". However, they could not officially confirm the bite to be from a shark.

Jei was rushed to a nearby airport and flown to Savannah Memorial Hospital, while his parents drove there to meet up with him. "The most terrifying hour of my life". Padgett said she did not know the fisherman and was not involved in catching the shark.