Portia de Rossi Reveals She Has Quit Acting

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"I called Mitch Hurwitz, who is the creator of Arrested Development, and I said, 'If there's a season five, I won't be doing it because I quit acting.' And he seemed really understanding and he totally got it - we had a great conversation".

Portia announced the news on her wife Ellen's talk show, saying that she had her character written off of Scandal and that she had called the creator of the comedy show Arrested Development, to inform him that she won't be returning for season 5.

Portia says she left the hit show Scandal (which just aired its series finale) as she approached her 45th birthday.

"Once a Bluth, always a Bluth."

With an acting career spanning three decades, de Rossi says she was curious what else might be out there for her professionally. "Rather than the traditional flat print, we print with all the texture and articulation in the original painting, so it's actually really hard to tell the difference". "I kind of knew what acting would look like for me for the next 10, 20 years, so I chose to quit and start a business", the star shared, adding that while she tried to explain her decision to Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz at the time, he had other plans for her.

You can see the interview between her and Ellen below. "And I kind of knew what acting would look like for me for the next 10, 20 years, so I made a decision to quit and start a business", the art-reproduction company General Public, in which artists receive royalties on sales of specially textured prints.

De Rossi posted a cover of French Architectural Digest that showed her work as part of a room design, showing that even if you can't own an original, you can own an appreciate a high-quality art print.