Pirelli right to tweak tyres for Barcelona says Vettel

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Hit the next page for the full results from the 2018 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix. Grosjean sought out a psychologist and became a more rounded driver, but this year has seen a return to his former self. So don't write off the rest of the season!

Hamilton's win on Sunday was the 21st time in 28 races the polesitter has won at the Circuit de Catalunya. The safety auto was brought out to move the stricken cars. Plus, if we don't have the occasional tiresome race, we won't appreciate the good ones! "We did a lot of laps today and I think if it was day one of winter testing I'd feel it, but it was no problem today and physically everything was fine". One of the big challenges, of course, is that nowadays the circuit's bigger earner is the MotoGP weekend and, therefore, whatever is done to the layout has to work for the bikes as well.

"I was pushing every single lap using it as a test bench to understand what I liked about the balance - how can I play with it more, can I squeeze any more? We had problems finding the right balance of the vehicle and we were struggling with the front tires". "It's a bit like cruising to America and changing direction 100 times". This allowed the Red Bull cars to move ahead. We weren't happy with the performance of the cars and we needed to sort things out.

"If we don't see those issues then there are no excuses".

Lewis Hamilton got his mojo back in Spain while Pirelli's tyres may have had a say in the first round of the development war... He wasn't fast enough to keep pace with Hamilton up front but looked quick enough to at least secure second place.

"But we could easily go to the next race and struggle and be nowhere".

Vettel won the Monaco race a year ago, when Ferrari was 1-2 in qualifying and in the GP. Struggling with his tyres, Vettel would pit on lap 17. Lewis Hamilton led from pole and took a dictatorial victory by 25 seconds, with his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas completing a one-two for the silver squad, while Red Bull's fiery Max Verstappen punched above his weight to deny Ferrari a podium.

Hamilton's strong run helped Mercedes re-establish order at the top of the field after seeing Ferrari dominate most of the early season.

"So that's why I'm only partly celebrating". "That's how other teams got on better than we did".

"In the debrief [with the engineers], I was very particular on what I want them to work on".

Daniel Ricciardo, meanwhile, had an anonymous race. The Ferrari driver managed to get past Bottas and slot into 2nd place, although his race didn't end as impressively. It was expected to be done before the start of the current campaign, but it has dragged on with the season now five races old.

Once again the Spanish Grand Prix provided the bulk of the action in the first lap, specifically in the first few corners. Why on earth he kept his foot hard on the throttle, spun back into the pack and created that smoke cloud I have no idea, but it was an extremely unsafe thing to do.

Nico Hulkenberg, and Pierre Gasly were unable to avoid the spinning Haas and sustained significant suspension damage. "I'm looking forward to Monaco; hopefully we can take some of the things we've learned onto there". It's the jewel in F1's crown, and Ferrari versus Mercedes versus Red Bull should be well and truly on.

Just ask Kimi Raikkonen. Valtteri Bottas delivered probably his best qualifying lap of the season there in 2017. The closest Vettel came to matching Hamilton's pace in his first stint was on laps 12, 13 and 16, when Vettel's times were around 0.4s down, still a huge deficit.