Pink Totally Destroys Troll Who Called Her 'Old'

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In her cover interview, Pink claimed that she would always stand up to internet trolls no matter what.

Because it was Twitter and nothing is sacred in 2018, one commentator replied by throwing some serious shade at the pop star's appearance.

"Cant wait to see you when you're 80", a user wrote. Cause I never heard of ya til you put my name in your mouth. "I pray I look older in 10 years, trigger that may imply I'm alive". "And if you're still doing aerial stunts, all the better".

'I shall call you little purple troll'.

However, the Grammy victor wasn't done there, and assured her 33 million followers that she was totally embracing the ageing process. "I'll call it 'the wrinkles and rolls tour'".

Pink was certainly not expecting to meet her match during a recent concert stop in Vancouver, Canada for her Beautiful Trauma World Tour at Rogers Arena.

The 38-year-old "So What" singer fired back with a masterful response.

"You must be from la", the singer cracked.

Those who are familiar with the singer know she is never one to hold her tongue, especially when it comes to shutting down haters.

Pink, who is no stranger to the concept of trolls or sticking up for herself, shot down that nonsense as soon as she saw it.

"You must be from L.A.", she wrote. 'Do you want to come sing something?'

And after nearly 200 fans jumped to her defence, branding the troll "pathetic" and "a nobody", the singer made a decision to take matters into her own hands. Added another: "You look wonderful". You did it!' as Pink walked back to the stage.